December 8, 2018

On November 22, 2018 I finished 25 proton radiation treatments to my cervical spine at Georgetown University Hospital.  Besides knocking me flat, apparently the treatment / swelling caused me to have real problems swallowing solids, but especially liquids.  After a week of Prednisone, it's not back to the way it was, but it is definitely better!

September 14, 2018

"Unwelcome" news to report: My 8/27/18 MRI revealed that the lesion in my cervical spine has grown in three months. The truly awful news is that apparently the tumors in my thoracic spine that had been radiated in 2016 have grown also.

My incredible team of Drs Gilbert, Purow and Lischalk agree that I should radiate the most pressing problem (tumor at C5) and then watch and wait via MRI on the rest of the spine. It is too soon to re-radiate the thoracic spine...

Hoping to start proton beam at Georgetown University Hospital the week of October 1.

Deep breaths... Onward! Thanks for everyone's love and support!